Trading Services

Trading Services

A fast-growing economy needs an equally robust financial ecosystem to back it. IT System Solution as Stockholdings we are committed to making it happen.
Since our inception, we have evolved steadily to be a financial powerhouse offering a suite of offerings which help to ease the financial planning needs of individuals Corporates Covering short-term savings, investments in the stock market. we brought an entire spectrum of financial products and services to help businesses grow. By simplifying depository participation, raising capital, protecting assets and life, managing documents, imparting training and bringing exciting schemes for all. Under Single Roof we have our pioneered Demat services in India and our e-Stamping service has made payment of Government dues hassle-free. As India’s premier custodian, we offer a comprehensive spread of custodial services that allow both Indian Institutional Investors and Foreign Portfolio Investors to invest in India with confidence. As peoples’ needs keep growing, we are ready with our enhanced efficiencies and new technology to offer world-class service that delights. After all, our customers believe that at StockHolding, we look after everything.
Trusted customers in all over India and abroad Wide network of branches and growing
We offer Trading Services, Technical Training and advises within India & across the globe, our sophisticated team has it all done in a reliable & most Technically logical way possible. when they’ve mentioned sky as the limit we’ve aimed for beyond that to achieve the following services at the finest quality.

Why we are successful as Trading Advisory

  • We aim for a logical profit but not emotional profit.
  • Our Team consists of Technical Traders and programmers. We develop a profitable system based on the complete research.
  • Our strategies are back tested and our back testing team is completely different to the strategy developers.
  • We conduct Manual back test and Automatic Back Test
  • Once the strategy passed all the tests above then we do live trading with our own Money.
  • Now we release it to the public in Market.


Back testing reports are available to our long term subscribers.

Why we are Costly than Others

We prefer to be more Qualitative rather Than Quantitative. We give more importance for protecting the capital rather than profits. We are one of the very few companies to offer profit sharing business. We prefer to be more transparent.

Trading Advises(India)

We provide trading advises in the following

  • Intraday Trading – Minimum Capital Required 50K
  • Option Buying – Minimum Capital Required 50K
  • Option Selling (Index and stocks) – 5 lakhs
  • Futures & Option Trading – 5 lakhs
  • BTST & STBT - 5 lakhs
  • Equity stock buying for a long term (under development)

Trading Analysis (Saudi Market) (Tadawul)

This is Business model is technical & profit sharing based as given in the below table.

Profit sharing Client Company
Up to 10% profit per month 80% of profit 20% of profit
11 to 15% profit per month 75% of profit 25% of profit
16% and above 70% of profit 30% of profit

The following business model requires a minimum of 10Lakh INR as a capital, Risk & Reward for this business model are as follows:

Strategy: 1
Risk 1%
Reward 3.6%
Time 5 trading days
Total trades/ Month At least 4
Best case scenario 12% profit
Worst case scenario 4% Loss
Probability of success 75%
Net profit:
3 successful trades 10.8% profit
1 failed trade 1% loss
= 9.8 %
Being Modest 8%

  • Individuals who are interested with the above strategy are subjected to both risk or reward at the above-mentioned percentages and should be willing to accept both.
  • Individuals who are ready to accept the above should be willing to share the profits as per table1
  • Individuals who want their account to be handled by the company should be providing the company with their trading/DeMat account access.
  • Individuals who can handle their account by themselves should be paying a flat rate for the technical advises & support.

Trading Advises (World Market) & Forex & Commodities

  • Intraday Trading
  • Option Buying
  • Option Selling (Index and stocks)
  • Futures & Option Trading
  • Equity stock buying for a long term (under development)

Algorithmic Trading (Fully Automated Trading)

This is useful to the personnel having technical knowledge in trading and developed their own strategies. We develop a fully automated trading system based on their Stock broker platform. We provide an NDA of the strategy that the strategy is neither used by us not shared with any one.

Semi-Automatic Trading

This is useful to the personnel having technical knowledge in trading and have developed their own trading strategies, yet only partial automation is required by them. As an example a customer might need the orders to be fired automatically but profit booking can be done manually or so. In the above case we can be contacted for the program to be developed

Manual Trading

A customer who is having knowledge in Technical Trading and wanted to generate signals in his own system. We develop a program which can run in his own system which generates signal for him.

We also have an excel based trading system which gives all the technical indicators. A customer can develop his own trading strategy and can simply put in excel to generate it.

Profit sharing based trading

For people who can invest but couldn't spend time & research on the market, we've got a solution for you.

We combine all the above and trade in your account on the basis of profit sharing.